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The Big British Adventure

In a world where it’s increasingly hard to fundraise for charity just by running marathons, (when I ran London I resorted to bribing people with cake) I’ve read a lot of remarkable stories about people really stepping up and using it as an opportunity to take on amazing challenges. Enter Ness Knight. I came across … Continue reading

Becoming a super-cyclist part 1: Making the switch

Sunday afternoon was spent cycling in circles around my tiny communal garden to disapproving stares from my neighbour’s cat. I didn’t want to disturb her dozing in the afternoon sun, but having recently switched to clipless bike pedals I needed to practice away from the busy roads, their cars and tarmac no match for me … Continue reading

Janathon day 22: I did some running today. And cycling.

When I got back from work today, Mr Marathon Widow was sprawled on the sofa with the remote in one hand and a box of chicken from the Waitrose yellow sticker aisle in the other. It was clear I was going to have to do the evening run with only a head torch for company.