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Recipe: Seedy energy bars

I distinctly remember being packed off to school every day with a sesame snap bar as part of my lunchbox (with the chocolate covered ones as a more occasional treat). Fast forward about 20 years and after recently discovering and becoming hooked on 9 Bars after a recent ultra where they were supplied at checkpoints, … Continue reading

Recipe: Ricotta pancakes

Having food that you can make in advance, put in a tupperware box (or more likely, tin foil or clingfilm – apologies, environment) and stick in your rucksack, ready to eat after running or cycling to work, is very important to me. That’s one of the reasons why these pancakes have become a breakfast staple. You … Continue reading

Recipe: Chocolate beetroot brownies

While my Dad has been getting all the credit recently for being an all-round dude and running badass, I feel the need to give my Mum a little mention too. Here we are, circa 1988, heading off to a South Pacific party (as you do). Mum is an amazing baker and always comes armed with cakes … Continue reading

Lies, Damn Lies and Nutrition

Lies, Damn Lies and Nutrition

I’ve read some great posts recently that I could really relate to about diet and exercise. About running and overcomplicating something that should be simple and pleasurable. Thinking about these separate issues, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of cross-over. Because, like running, nutrition is an area which is made a lot more confusing … Continue reading

Recipe: Thai (pork) Larb

I’ve eaten this dish many times in Thai restaurants and thought I’d have a go at making it. It was so straight forward and tasty that, being a pretty healthy recipe, I thought I’d share it on the blog. Laab (or larb) is a minced meat salad (nicer than it sounds, honest) originating in (depending … Continue reading

Recipe: Peanut butter snack bars

There are many snack bars on the market touted as being the pinnacle of health and virtuousness and marketed as containing only natural ingredients . But these things aren’t cheap and to finance a regular habit you’d probably need to sell a kidney or something far worse. Having tried a few brands I was fairly confident I … Continue reading

Rainbow cake and fundraising for Afasic

No, this isn’t a healthy recipe, unless there’s a new fad diet out there that prescribes copious quantities of butter, icing sugar and food colouring. But it is connected to running, as I made this cake to sell at work to fundraise for Afasic, who I’m running the London marathon for. Afasic do fantastic work … Continue reading

Recipe: Apricot, earl grey and macadamia breakfast bars

I’ve made several batches of these bars over the past few weeks and have been eating them for breakfast and as snacks in place of biscuits and malteasers. Sometimes. My husband loves them too, which, coming from someone that won’t eat anything unless it contains meat or chillis, is pretty fine praise indeed. They’re extremely easy to make … Continue reading

Recipe: Avocado and peach smoothie

Avocados are such lovely, wholesome, sexy fruit (I think so, anyway). They’re also extremely versatile and work well in both savoury and sweet dishes. In particular, they’re great whizzed up in smoothies. This smoothie is more of a ‘thickie’, really; try the ‘hold upside down over you head’ test and I GUARANTEE it won’t fall … Continue reading

Recipe: Banana and oat recovery smoothie

Porridge oats are so versatile and make everything taste better. Fact. Well, certainly smoothies, anyway. This recipe is dead easy to make and can be varied – using soya milk instead, adding strawberries, peanut butter, etc (maybe not together though).