About me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, Diaries of a Marathon Widow.

I’m Cat and I like running, eating and travelling (preferably all combined into a foody race holiday). I can generally be found outdoors, running around London (or cycling) and trying to do things that make me feel alive. And a few more things:

  • I’m a marathon runner that has recently started dabbling in ultras. To date I’ve done a baby one (32 miles) and have a multi-dayer (90 miles – 30×3 days) and a 50 miles-in one-go in the not so distant future.
  • Before I got into ultras I tried to run fast. I achieved some PBs I’m pretty chuffed with (a 3:18 marathon and 1:30 half) but the thing I love the most about running is how beautifully straightforward and inclusive it is. You don’t need any fancy equipment or hand-eye co-ordination, as with other sports: just a will and a pair of trainers.
  • I’m married to Jon, a fellow marathon runner who’s currently on a quest to run loads of marathons and join the exclusive 100 marathon club (which is where the blog name’s from). He’s on about number 80 at the moment and we’re at real risk of getting buried alive under the many medals we’ve amassed. Send help!
  • Our marathon running has taken us around the world (well, mostly Europe) and between us we’ve had the privilege of running some amazing races; Berlin, Istanbul, Jerusalem…
  • One of my favourite races is the Marrakech half/full marathon. I absolutely love Morrocco; the culture, the scenery and the food, so being able to race there was pretty cool.
  • I also ran on barefoot on a beach on holiday in Sri Lanka (and had the blisters on my toes to prove it) which was an amazing experience too
  • But I’m not really a barefooter, although I do tend to wear trainers towards the more minimal end of the cushioning spectrum (Adidas Adizero Adios and Inov-8 x233). I recently tried some more cushioned shoes though and we got on, so I’m open to anything, really.
  • I’d really love to do some exotic races, like a marathon in the Himalayas or the Marathon de Sables, but sadly don’t really have the cash to do so at the moment.
  • I’m currently eyeing up triathlons  for 2014 and would love to do an Ironman (although I’m not the greatest swimmer).
  • But I do dabble in cycling and regularly bike commute (when I’m not running to work, which I do and love a lot). I recently did the Ride 100 mile race, which was pretty epic.
  • On the running to work thing, I do that a lot and go on about it a bit too much, but I make no apologies, as it’s a great way to fit marathon and ultra-training around work and social commitments.
  • I love experimenting and trying out new things, whether it’s fitness activities, food or other life experiences. I think it’s really important to be able to relate to things from first hand experience when having opinions (and I like having an opinion).
  • I’m a recent convert to yoga. I’ve dabbled a  bit in the past (including doing a class on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, India, many years ago) but my recent discovery of ultras has made me search a bit deeper for my running zen and yoga has really helped this focus and clarity.

Find me on Twitter @Cat_Simpson_ or email me at marathonwidowdiaries@gmail.com


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