A week of running, revision and reading other blogs

I’ve spent the past week revising for the exams I have in a few days. I wasn’t even able to celebrate my birthday yesterday and have been spending my time lounging around in my dressing gown, eating porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Woe is me, indeed.

Somehow, I’ve found time to do a lot of running though. Like 44 miles this week. But being off work for most of the week, it’s been easy to fit in runs as a revision break or early in the morning, when I wouldn’t be able to do so if at work. I’ve also been doing the following things, in case you’re interested:

  • Channelling my thoughts through other bloggers. Laura and Kathleen wrote posts which were uncannily similar to what I was thinking about this week. While out running on Friday, I mused over my life, pre-GPS watch. I trained for and ran my first marathon without one and it was a case of, ‘what you never have, you never miss.’ However, I relented and bought one afterwards, assuming I was missing out on something. But recently, I’ve felt shackled by it and am increasingly tempted to leave it at home.
  • Similarly, Kathleen’s post about over-complicating running struck a chord. While I’ve been trying not to over-think my London Marathon performance, I keep coming back to the same conclusion. Focusing on one big event and putting too much mental pressure on yourself to perform can be a recipe for disaster. My goal didn’t seem too ambitious, only eight minutes faster than my current PB, but on the day I couldn’t have been further from it. With hindsight, despite following a more dedicated training regime than I’d previously done and feeling in good physical shape, I made things far too complicated for myself and my teeny weeny brain just couldn’t cope psychologically on big race day.
  • But enough self-wallowing, I’ve also been shopping. I bought these Nike Sunset leggings (for winter) and this Nicola Rowlands awesome tote bag. I think it has now sold out, but her Etsy shop is here for more of her gorgeous stuff.



  • Cycling some more in my SPDs and not dying.
  • Entering three 10k races from the Run Through series in June/July, the Kent Coastal half marathon and the Bacchus marathon (AKA the wine marathon) (both September).
  • Making these millionaire shortcake slices – recipe by the lovely Stephanie at Riverside Baking.
  • Learning a valuable life lesson that studying as an adult while in full time employment isn’t an experience I ever want to repeat again.

Hope everyone had a fab week too! x


14 thoughts on “A week of running, revision and reading other blogs

  1. OMG that choc looks amazing, I’ve not got a garmin but I do find if my app isn’t telling me what I want to hear I end up running worse, I might try turning off the feedback so I don’t know until I get home!

    Hope the exams go well.

    Steph x
    Thanks so much for the mention 🙂

  2. That choc sounds yummy! I agree about Garmins, useful sometimes but when the pace stubbornly isn’t showing what I want it to, I’m always tempted to chuck it in the canal. Hope exams are going okay for you and you can celebrate your birthday properly soon- and run the booze-associated PBs that will come with 😉 those millionaire shortcakes look INCREDIBLE, by the way!

  3. Hey Cat, gutted that you couldn’t celebrate your birthday. But at least you’ve found time for run-breaks 🙂

    Two things:

    1) I *MUST* find some of that Kings peanut butter chocolate. It’s a matter of life or death.

    2) Re over-complicating things with GPS watches etc: I don’t have a watch (yet) but I’ve decided I’m going to get one as I can’t take much more faffing about with my irritating armband for my iPhone. I’ve spent most of my runs this week untangling earphone wires and retightening and readjusting the armband to stop it irritating my skin – it’s been doing my head in. I’m thinking an iPod Nano and GPS watch should serve me better, what do you think?

    I’m not ready to just ‘go running’ for the sake of it yet, I’m only just getting my head around the stats.

    • A little bird* tells me that the chocolate is available in Waitrose
      (*my Mum)

      Have you tried running with a fuel-belt thingy with a zip pouch? I put my music player in there and it works for me. Never tried one of those arm pouches because they look uncomfortable.

      • Ooooh I’m getting some ASAP. 🙂

        No I’ve not tried with a fuel-belt, when I wear my long running tights the bum-pocket is big enough for my phone so that’s always better for me – will give one of these fuel belts a go me thinks.

        The armbands suck.

  4. Bah exams over birthdays. Like the post, esp. the bit about gps reliance and not achieving goals. If I’m going ‘too fast’ according to the Garmin this can make me panic a bit, whereas if you just run, as I did at Reading half when there was garmin-fail I pushed me pace a lot more than I would have done had I been slavishly following my wrist. Live by the garmin, die by the garmin….

  5. Happy belated birthday Cat 🙂 hope your exams go well & the celebrations can start.. Lots of gin! I’ve been eyeing up that Kings PB chocolate in Waitrose, might have to take the plunge & try it this week! Can’t believe you ran 44 miles last week, amazing 🙂

  6. I hardly use my Nike GPS at the moment and I’m finding it so liberating. I’m sure when I’m back up and running again and in some form of training I’ll use it but for me right now I like just running for time rather than pace.
    Agreed that full time employment and studying is no good. I did this when I started my masters, then had the children and carried on with it. I can firmly say that having kids and studying is equally as hard. Kind of why I stepped out at post grad dip level. No more lit searches for me! Whoop!

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