Janathon day 17: So long, barefoot running (for now)


The blisters on my toes are probably a sign that six consecutive days of beach running are probably enough for a first time barefooter. Today is my last day in Mirissa before heading back to Colombo tonight for an early flight tomorrow.

All holidays must come to an end, and being only a month today until the Brighton half marathon (fingers crossed the organisers measure the course correctly this year), I need to start putting in some longer runs that aren’t possible in Sri Lanka’s hot and humid climate. I also need to catch up on the other Janathon blogs, which a week on a beach without a decent internet connection has made a hard task.


Janathon runs to date: 70km


4 thoughts on “Janathon day 17: So long, barefoot running (for now)

  1. Not to frighten you or anything, but I knew someone who caused the skin on their toes to blister and they ended up with gangrene so that the big toe and part of their foot had to be amputated. Make sure you keep them clean and let your body reabsorb the liquid in the blisters by itself. I’m sure you already know that, but I feel the need to say it just in case.

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