Janathon day 11: Trail running in Ella


Today I managed a 6k trail run up ‘Little Adam’s Peak’ in Ella. It was much much MUCH smaller than the Adam’s Peak I climbed two days ago, but the views at the top were impressive, nonetheless.

I nearly had to turn back just before the top, as I came across a cow blocking the path and was worried it might get startled by my lurid green and pink adidas adios trainers (or at least mistake them for grass). But it moved and I avoided another running-related animal mishap.


I was pleasantly surprised by how ‘up for the job’ the adioses (sorry that’s clumsy) were. They have long been my favourite trainers and are bright, lightweight and fast. Haile Gebreslassie is the posterboy for them and ran his world record marathon time of 2:03 in a pair (while I don’t usually buy into aspirational marketing, if they’re good enough for him…).


I also hiked up to a tea factory, did a tour and drank the tea. So all in all, a much better effort than yesterday.



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