NEWS: I’m moving…

Hey nice WordPress followers, I’ll shortly be moving my blog over to a self-hosted platform, which I’m really excited about. I’ve been fantasising about having a slicker site (well, mainly just a movable slider post) for absolutely aaages and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. It’s all part of longer term plans to build up … Continue reading

Race report: The Budapest marathon

You learn something new every time you run a marathon and as I made a beeline for the Portaloos at kilometre 12 of Budapest, I wondered what it was that I should avoid eating next time around. It could have been the pre-race pasta party at the expo the day before, where a choice of sweet … Continue reading

Recipe: Seedy energy bars

I distinctly remember being packed off to school every day with a sesame snap bar as part of my lunchbox (with the chocolate covered ones as a more occasional treat). Fast forward about 20 years and after recently discovering and becoming hooked on 9 Bars after a recent ultra where they were supplied at checkpoints, … Continue reading

Is it really all about quality over quantity?

The expression ‘quality over quantity’ is frequently used where running and exercise are concerned and why on earth not, you might say. We’re all busy people so it makes sense that we use our time as efficiently as possible. Plus, by following this approach we reduce the risk of injury through overtraining and increase our chance of meeting … Continue reading

An evening with Lululemon

On Thursday evening I attended a Lululemon product design meeting with a number of other bloggers. Hosted by the fab Liz Goodchild and Emma Heald, we met in the Covent Garden showroom, were plied with Prosecco and cheese straws, and had the opportunity to give our feedback on the types of kit we love (and … Continue reading

A yoga sequence for runners

I’ve been doing yoga regularly for about four months now and I bloody love it. When I started I felt self-conscious in classes, but as I’ve learned the poses and gained a bit more focus for my practice and I really couldn’t care less if the person next to me can contort her/himself into a pretzel … Continue reading

Race report: The Toad Challenge

Race report: The Toad Challenge

Say the words ‘enjoyable’ and ‘run 90 miles’ in the same sentence and most people look at you in a funny way. But what can I say; the Toad Challenge really was no ordinary race. A three day EPIC adventure along the Thames towpath from Oxford to Walton-on-Thames in Surrey, it started with several months … Continue reading

Race e-guide: Seville marathon

Race e-guide: Seville marathon

Fancy running a race which is pancake-flat and takes in lots of wonderful city sights? Where entry is a bargain (especially considering the size of the pasta party) and the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be nice (in February!)? Then look no further than the next race e-guide installment. When I traveled over to … Continue reading

The Toad – T minus two days

The Toad – T minus two days

I don’t often write about big races before the event. Although I wouldn’t say I was superstitious, I suppose it can feel like I’m tempting fate a little by committing thoughts to words. On Friday, I’ll be embarking on my first ever multi-day ultra race. I’ll be spending the day on my feet, fuelled by … Continue reading